8 Reasons to Choose LipoDissolve

LipoDissolve is a cosmetic procedure that is noninvasive and is used to pin point excess fat and sculpt the body without surgery. The following are eight reasons why choosing LipDissolve to get rid of specific areas of unwanted fat is an option that you may want to consider.

1. Down Time

Because Lipodissolve does not require incisions and any surgical procedures and is not invasive the down time is minimal. Lipodissolve consists of injections into the fat layer so you will not need to be put to sleep for this procedure. Any risks associated with anesthesia will be eliminated.

2. Permanent Results

The results of Lipodissolve are permanent. Because you are born with a fixed number of fat cells, the lipodissolve is able to reduce the number of cells in the area that is being treated and they will not regenerate. If you gain weight, the fat cells that are in the area that has not been treated will get larger, but the cells in the area that have been treated will not.

3. Complications

The Lipodissolve procedure is very safe. It should be done by a certified plastic surgeon or trained physician. There is a possibility for swelling, bruising, tenderness and infection in the area, but because the procedure does not involve any incisions, there are no risks involving systemic or generalized complications. The swelling, bruising and tenderness may last a couple of weeks, but will fully resolve over time.

4. Minimal Pain

There may be discomfort at the injection site, but it is localized and minimal. There may also be a slight burning sensation when the medication is injected, but using ice on the area will reduce the discomfort.

5. Time

This procedure can last less than an hour depending on the area being treated. It is a quick procedure due to the fact that there are no incisions and the injections are done very quickly.

6. Replaces Surgery

Although Lipodissolve cannot completely replace surgical procedures such as Liposuction, it can be a great option if you have a small amount of fat in a specific location that needs to be removed. Choosing Lipodissolve may be the right option for you because you will be able to avoid the surgical procedures that are used for bigger areas.

7. Cost

Lipodissolve can be less expensive than other procedures such as Liposuction. You won’t have the costs of anesthesia and other things that are required with surgical procedures because Lipodissolve is not a surgical procedure and you will not need anesthesia or other things used in the operating room.

8. Results

Generally results are seen fairly quickly. Often time’s more than one treatment of Lipodissolve is required, but you will start to see results and contouring after the second procedure. Choosing Lipodissolve will give you faster results under much less limitations.

There are many reasons to choose Lipodissolve. It is a procedure that offers quick results with a minimal amount of pain and with fewer risks than other procedures to eliminate fat from your body. If you are trying to contour a part of your body and eliminate some excess fat, Lipodissolve may be your best option.

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