Aluma and Skin Tones/Types

Aluma is a cosmetic surgery procedure which can help people with skin concerns. Those experiencing wrinkles, sun damage, scarring or skin folds can see benefits from the Aluma procedure. Aluma can be done on a variety of skin areas too, including the abdomen and chest, not just the facial area.

Skin Tones, Types and Aluma Candidacy

As with any cosmetic surgery, there are certain patients that are better candidates for Aluma. Those with lighter skin tones will benefit the most from this particular procedure, though patients with darker skin tones will also see results. With just a few treatments, the skin will appear tighter and more youthful. While all skin types will experience some swelling after the procedure, many more patients will see little change, allowing them to go back to work or school immediately.

Dry skinned patients may have some trouble with skin tightness after the procedure, but this will not last long. Aluma focuses on the outer layers of the skin, helping to create positive skin results, though those with deeper wrinkles and scars may not see complete resolution of these issues. In just a few sessions, new skin will be revealed, removing minor skin imperfections without a long recovery time.

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