Aluma for Adolescents

Aluma is a cosmetic treatment that uses radio frequency to heat the deepest layers of the dermis and encourage the body's production of collagen. Collagen helps make skin appear young and firm. Because of its lasting affects on skin appearance, teens with significant acne scarring can benefit from Aluma treatments to reduce the appearance of scars on the face, back, arms and chest.

Advantages of Aluma for Adolescents

Because the treatment is less invasive than other forms of costmetic treatments, with each session only taking about 20 minutes, it is an ideal choice for teens who want to improve the appearance of their skin without losing too much time from school. The treatment is relatively painless, and normal activity can be resumed immediately after the treatment session (so teen athletes do not have to worry about missing time from sports practices or important games).

Because there is no visible reddening of the skin or other changes, a teen could conceivable receive an Aluma treatment during lunch break and be back in class in the afternoon without anyone knowing what happened. For teens who are sensitive about their appearance or struggling to recover from scarring acne, Aluma is a great method for a non-invasive skin improvement.

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