Areas of the Body Accent XL Treats

Accent XL treats all areas of the body that contain sagging layers of skin. Patients frequently seek this non invasive treatment to fix undesirable effects caused by pregnancy and aging. Subsequently, the individual has the ability to shrink in physical size. In most cases, patients undergo a series of treatments to tighten the outer layer of skin and remove cellulite causing fat deposits from within the body.

Full Body Treatment

Accent XL works on numerous specific regions of the body including all areas of the thighs, neck, face, back, arms and midsection.

Thighs and Midsection

The dual function treatment serves patients who fear majorly invasive traditional liposuction treatments. Rather than undergoing painful treatment that works to shrink the circumferential diameter of the thighs or midsection, Accent XL works from the outside in by improving the outer layers appearance and the physical condition of the inner layers as well.

Painless methods help reduce size and cellulite in the thighs and torso region frequently.

Abdominal and Arms

The overall efficiency of this specific skin rejuvenation gets determined by the area of the body in which it treats. For example, larger areas of the body that suffer from a large amount of excessive fatty tissue and sagging skin, like the abdominal region, often require more than one treatment. Oppositely, smaller treatments that target areas like behind the arms or under the chin provide desirable results quickly.

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