Benefits of Mesotherapy

For permanent fat elimination, most doctors and patients agree that liposuction is the cosmetic treatment of choice; however, not every patient wants to confront the risks, downtime and high cost of liposuction to achieve their fat reduction and body contouring goals. Further, liposuction is not nearly as effective at treating cellulite as it is in eliminating unwanted fat deposits, and in some cases can increase the appearance of cellulite. On the other hand, mesotherapy has been used to cost-effectively treat cellulite, reduce small fat deposits, rejuvenate sagging and aging skin, improve the appearance of acne scars, stretch marks, wrinkles and scars, and to complete various other cosmetic and medical treatments for 40 years in Europe.

Mesotherapy does not require sedation, anesthesia or hospitalization, and involves only minimally invasive injections that break up fat deposits, limit the ability of cells to store fat, promote the production of elastin and collagen to smooth skin and result in no scarring in most cases. This cost-effective body contouring and skin smoothing treatment is less invasive than liposuction and significantly less expensive. Topical anesthetic creams can be used to make the procedure virtually painless and patients can walk out of the doctor’s office just moments after receiving a mesotherapy treatment. While some patients may experience minimal bruising, swelling or soreness after receiving mesotherapy injections, regular activities can be resumed immediately after treatment, which is a significant benefit for busy professionals or parents who cannot afford to lose time recovering from cosmetic procedures.

Doctors who provide mesotherapy treatments create injectable formulas that are specific to the needs of each patient. Different combinations of ingredients are used to achieve different results depending on the goal of the treatment. For example, the provider will administer a different blend of ingredients for reducing the appearance of cellulite, than for improving the tone and texture of aging skin. This type of personalized customization works well for many patients and assists them in achieving their desired results in a cost-effective manner.

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