Body Contouring

Body contouring refers to a number of procedures which can be used separately or in combination to remove fat, and to rejuvenate and reshape areas of the body which have begun to sag and stretch out of shape, usually due to age or excessive weight loss. With the recent development of minimally invasive procedures, body contouring has grown in popularity in recent years, and more and more men and women are turning to these procedures to reshape stubborn areas of the body that do not respond to regular diet and exercise.

Among the more recent and popular techniques of body contouring, mesotherapy, VelaShape, and Thermage are minimally invasive procedures which help remove unwanted fat with minimal downtime.

Mesotherapy involves a series of injections of specialized solution, composed of vitamins and traditional medications, which targets and dissolves specific areas of fatty tissue. Mesotherpay is especially popular for treating pockets of cellulite.

VelaShape is a body contouring technique which uses bipolar radiofrequency energy to reduce fatty deposits and tighten and tone the surrounding skin. The technique is especially popular for treating thighs, abdomen, back, chin, and arms, and can be used on virtually any area of the body.

Thermage uses deep, penetrating heat to firm tissues and encourage the development of new collagen. The technique can involve some pain, and numbing cream is applied to the area before treatment.

Body contouring recovery times can vary significantly depending upon the type of procedure being performed. Minimally invasive procedures such as mesotherapy, VelaShape and Thermage, do not require downtime, allowing patients to resume routines immediately. Costs can vary also, ranging from a few hundred dollars for a localized area, to several thousand for more extensive treatments.
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