Conditions that LipoDissolve Treats

LipoDissolve exclusively works to reduce fat within patients. Unlike invasive surgeries such as traditional liposuction, LipoDissolve uses injections to remove fat within the body.

Fat Deposits and Cellulite

Like most liposuction processes, LipoDissolve works to help eliminate chances of obesity through a fat reduction process. This particular procedure also helps rid the body of cellulite, which gets caused by fat deposits found in and around certain regions of the body.

LipoDissolve offers patients with fat reduction in all parts of the body by using manually controlled injections. Most processes take limited amounts of time to fully complete, and patients do not encounter down time after post treatment.

The fat reduction process involves chemical reactions within the body. Typical surgical processes actually remove fat cells for permanent reduction, while LipoDissolve simply works to help prevent obesity and weight gain to occur.

Treatment areas including any part of the body that patients require fat reduction, including the back, face, legs and arms.

How the Treatment Works

After the injections enter the patient’s body, chemical reactions take place that work to liquefy fatty tissue. Tests have not yet proven how the body manages the broken down fat once the treatment starts working. This lack of knowledge has caused much debate, as liquefied fat has the potential to damage vital organs and healthy body tissue.

As a fat reduction treatment, LipoDissolve does provide patients with a faster, less expensive option when compared to major surgeries and liposuction. The disadvantages include the possibilities of moderate to severe health risk, uncertainty to the ingredients used in each injection, and an overall lack of knowledge regarding the procedure which has lead to a non approval rating from the Food and Drug Administration.

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