Cosmetic and Health Benefits of Aluma

Aluma is a wrinkle treatment technique that brings a number of cosmetic and health benefits. It has become famous primarily due to its harmless nature. Today, Aluma is being used by more and more patients suffering from aging signs due to the fact that it is pain free and offers results comparable to other treatments.

Most surgical and face lift treatments available in the market today offer immediate and drastic improvements to the face, but at the cost of the heavy risks involved. Aluma doesn’t offer such quick results, but the procedure is virtually incapable of causing real harm. An ergonomic hand device is used to emit bipolar Radio Frequency (RF) waves on the affected area. The bipolar device is vacuum-assisted, which focuses the RF waves to the desired tissue. Heat is generated followed by the contraction of collagen. The end result is a new, young and tight skin in a few months.

Some of the major cosmetic and health benefits associated with Aluma are:

Covers a Range of Skin Areas

Aluma can be performed in areas with fragile skin. For example, the area around the eyes is commonly treated with Aluma. It can also treat larger areas like the abdominal region or the arms. This is because the treatment is painless and the side effects involved are near to zero.

Guaranteed Results

Although the results take some time (a few months) to show, it does assure a younger and firmer skin. Once the collagen production is stimulated, your skin will rejuvenate sooner or later depending upon your skin type.

No Anesthesia Required

Unlike other invasive and surgical treatments, Aluma does not require any kind of anesthesia prior to the treatment. In other treatments, you may have to take a rest for a day or two until the effect of sedatives subsides, but in Aluma you can get back to work right away.

No Recovery Time

There is no recovery time or period involved; no bed rest is required. Your skin will recover and heal on its own in the following months.

Painless in Nature

The procedure is virtually painless. A lot of patients who wish to have a better skin have to go through unnecessary pain and trouble in various surgeries. Aluma, on the other hand, is free from pain.

Compatible with All Skin Types and Colors

Aluma has no particular problem with any kind of skin type or skin color. It is safe for all the existing types of skin.

Enhances Collagen Production

Alumna helps in stimulating the collagen growth in the dermis (layer below epidermis). Collagen is an important element for maintaining the youthfulness of the skin.

No Side Effects or Risks

The risks during the procedure are quite low. A trained physician can easily conduct the treatment without any side effects.

A blend of such cosmetic and health benefits make this product different from many others present in the cosmetic health care market. 

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