Cost and Financing of Accent XL

Accent XL use Dual Layer Thermotherapy, a form of radio frequency treatment, to treat both layers of your skin at once. Accent XL can improve the appearance of sagging skin and cellulite. Accent XL is an outpatient procedure that requires no downtime.

The Accent XL Procedure

Accent XL is a cosmetic skin treatment used to enhance the appearance of aging skin and cellulite. Accent XL's Dual Layer Thermotherapy uses radio frequencies to stimulate both layers of your skin at the same time. Not only does this tighten and rejuvenate sagging skin, it also reduces the appearance of cellulite.

Accent XL can be used to treat sagging skin and cellulite on just about any part of the body. It's most often used on the upper arms, neck and face, and it's also used to rejuvenate skin affected by surgery or pregnancy.

Accent XL requires little recovery time; most patients return to work and normal activities the same day. Results are apparent right away. The results of Accent XL often last into the long term, especially with diet and exercise.

Cost of Accent XL

Most patients need multiple treatments to achieve the desired results. The average patient receives between six and twelve treatments. Your doctor might recommend periodic maintenance treatments. Accent XL costs between $400 and $600 per treatment.

Financing Accent XL

Most medical insurance providers don't cover cosmetic procedures like Accent XL. Contact your provider to make sure you aren't covered for this procedure. If your medical insurance provider doesn't cover Accent XL treatments, your doctor may be able to help you out with financing options.


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