FDA Approval Status for LipoDissolve

A very popular means of removing excess fat is LipoDissolve injections. While it is known by many names, the procedure involves a mixture of various chemicals being injected into the fat over a number of treatment sessions. The main component of this mixture is phosphatidylcholine derived from soy. This compound is found in the cell membranes of many organisms, humans not excluded. Deoxycholate is also included in the mixture. These ingredients are generally abbreviated as PCDC when used together.

FDA Approval Status for LipoDissolve

A statement from the FDA declares that LipoDissolve is not approved for any use. The FDA currently does not approve any drugs used for the dissolution of fat. LipoDissolve is considered among the list of “unapproved drugs for unapproved uses and FDA cannot guarantee consumers’ safety.” The FDA does not commonly approve the use of any compounded drug.

Within LipoDissolve procedures, they believe that there are physicians that might use compounded drugs. Neither of the main components, phosphatidylcholine nor deoxycholate, are present in any FDA-approved drug as active ingredients. Since there is no FDA-approved formulation, the ratio of these ingredients may vary depending on the compounding pharmacy that manufactures it. Other ingredients such as medications, herbs, and vitamins may also be included by some providers.

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