FDA Approval Status for Mesotherapy

Used as a treatment for a variety of medical infirmities, Mesotheraphy is a form of liquid alleviation that is given by injection to patients suffering from conditions such as arthritis and lymphedema. While Mesotheraphy is widely administered to manage the onset of pain, it is highly regarded for its ability to be a second choice for weight loss, in place of an individual undergoing extensive surgery.

The FDA Approval Status of Mesotherapy

According to "Cellulite Solution" in 2008, the problem with this miracle drug that supposedly aids in the natural loss of cellulite is: “The FDA and Mesotherapy have not come to common terms with each other - the FDA has not approved Mesotherapy, although it has the support of some very influential dermatologists.”

The speculation over Mesotherapy treatments and the results it produces is that only a few of the drugs included in the mixture have been FDA approved, thus, leading most to believe Mesotherapy has been cleared with the Food and Drug Administration. In reality, many of the medications used in these injections were cleared by the FDA for purposes other than what they are being used for. Since the FDA does not approve medical techniques, only drugs, physicians may use FDA-approved drugs for unapproved uses.

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