History of LipoDissolve

LipoDissolve is a cosmetic procedure used to eliminate unwanted fat. It is safe and effective using phosphatidylcholine (PTC), a natural soy derivative that is injected into pockets of fat to stimulate the dissolution of the fat. It can help reduce the appearance of cellulite and give you a more shapely figure.

History of LipoDissolve

The original cosmetic use of phosphatidylcholine took place in Italy. An Italian physician named Sergio Maggiori used PTC to treat fatty accumulations on the eyelid in 1988. More recently, though still over ten years ago, LipoDissolve was discovered and used in South America by a dermatologist, Dr. Patricia Rittes. She developed the procedure that would inject PTC directly into fat deposits, with her first use being the reduction of fat pads under the eyes. Dr. Rittes is still considered the world authority on the procedure. Since that time, the non-surgical fat dissolving procedure has become popular in Europe and Australia, with hundreds of thousands of people seeing success in permanent fat removal. The United States is now also using the procedure in specialized clinics throughout the country. Though no adverse effects have been reported, LipoDissolve is not approved by the FDA.

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