How Mesotherapy is Performed

Mesotherapy is a non-invasive procedure performed to treat a variety of skin disorders and other medical conditions. There are two different ways to perform mesotherapy. The first way is performed with a needle. The second way is needle-free and called Ultrapeel Transderm Ionto System.

The Standard Needle Technique

The standard needle technique is performed by a trained physician. The physician needs to undergo special training to perform this technique. The physician will use a fine needle to perform the treatment. He will inject the the special formula of vitamins, minerals and medications into the mesoderm. The mesoderm is the middle layer of skin. Depending on the site of treatment, some patients will require multi-pricks. This is quick pricking over a small area.

Many patients will require follow up treatments. These treatments are usually performed every 10 to 14 days. The number of treatments will vary from one patient to another and the results desired, but for most it will take 10 to 15 treatments. This treatment helps to monitor the progress.

There is another needle technique called microinjection. This treatment is time consuming. It can require a lot of injections over the area. It can get painful, especially those who do not respond well to pain. In some cases, a topical anesthetic can be applied to the skin. After going through this time consuming treatment, the patent's skin can be red, bleeding, and swollen. Patients shouldn't have this done over their lunch break.

Ultrapeel Transderm Ionto Technique

This technique does not use needles. It may be perfect for anyone afraid of needles. This technique uses a small hand held machine which is placed on the skin, and the medicine is inserted into the skin by microdermabrasion. It exfoliates the skin using small electrical impulses while medicating and revitalizing the skin.

This type of mesotherapy reduces damage to the skin. It usually does not bother most patients. Most patients even think of it as relaxing. Those that it does bother describe it as a scratchy feeling. By using this type of treatment, doctors are able to treat larger areas of skin at once without many of the side effects. Most patients will need 5 to 15 treatments to get the desired results. The patient can repeat the treatment usually every 7 to 10 days.

Side Effects of Mesotherapy

The side effects of mesotherapy are very minimal. Some patients may develop minor skin irritation or redness. Little bumps at the injection site have also been known to happen. The worst case scenario is that a patient would have an allergic reaction to the medication.

Expected Costs of Mesotherapy

The average cost of mesotherpy can range from $250 to $450 per treatment. The average cost per body part can range from $2,500 to $4,500. Some doctors may offer a discount if you purchase a series of treatments at once.

Mesotherapy is a safe and relatively simple procedure to have done. Depending on the size of area you choose to have treated, you may want to have the Ultrapeel Transderm procedure rather than the traditional needle technique. Whichever you choose, you should feel good about the decision you made.

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