How To Choose a Mesotherapy Provider

Mesotherapy is an individualized treatment that includes the use of a combination of FDA-approved pharmaceuticals, as well as minerals, amino acids, vitamins and homeopathic medications in injectable form. Each provider determines the blend of ingredients to be used with each patient, which makes choosing a provider that is well-trained and very well-versed in mesotherapy exceedingly important. Doctors can receive mesotherapy training as part of their Approved Continuing Medical Education Credits, and nurses and physician assistants can administer mesotherapy injections under the supervision of a licensed physician; however, it is simple for untrained providers to unethically advertise mesotherapy as part of their practice, which can lead to patients receiving questionable services and possibly dangerous injections.

Patients can avoid this by first referring to a reputable website with a provider list to find trained mesotherapy providers in their area. Once they have selected a provider, it is important to schedule a consultation to confirm costs, come up with a treatment plan and to make sure you are comfortable with the provider. Ask to see credentials and evidence of training in mesotherapy, and ask for a list of ingredients they plan to use in your injections. Take the time to look up information about each ingredient to ensure that you are confident and comfortable with the blend that will be injected during treatment.

Mesotherapy is relatively new in the United States, but has been used for four decades in France. While many physicians have not yet received training in mesotherapy, there are a wide variety of providers who are well-trained and currently providing mesotherapy treatments in most areas of the country. Selecting the right local mesotherapy provider who makes you feel comfortable and confident is an important first step in achieving your desired results and receiving effective mesotherapy treatments that meet your needs.

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