How to Prepare for Accent XL

If you have decided to have Accent XL performed to reduce or eliminate the appearance of cellulite, wrinkles or sagging skin, you will need to adequately prepare to achieve the best results. Below is a general checklist of how to prep yourself before the day of the procedure.

New Diet and Exercise

The best way to achieve--and more importantly keep--good results with Accent XL is to live a lifestyle that decreases your chances of getting cellulite and saggy skin. Age, of course, is a factor in saggy skin, but cellulite is often caused by unhealthy habits. As soon as you decide to have the procedure performed in order to improve the elasticity of your skin, you should begin a healthier, balanced diet and start exercising regularly.


Accent XL responds best to skin that has been properly hydrated. As soon as you are sure you are receiving the procedure, make sure that you hydrate yourself properly by drinking around eight 8-ounce glasses of water per day--more if you are involved in heavy activity. The 24 hours before your procedure is performed is especially essential for hydration. Keep a bottle of water with you at all times and make sure that you intake around 64 to 80 ounces of water the day before your procedure.

Hair Removal

The skin that will be treated with Accent XL must be free of hair prior to the treatment. Wax, shave or tweeze the hair on the skin to be treated the evening prior to the treatment so that the hair has less chance to grow back and cause excess pain by possibly getting caught in the instrument during the treatment.

What to Wear

Wear old clothes that you do not mind being ruined during your treatment. Some of the oil used during the treatment may drip on your clothes and will cause stains. Also, leave all jewelry and metal objects at home, as they may interfere with the radiofrequency aspect of the instrument used to treat your skin.

Prepping Your Skin

Do not wear sunscreen or makeup on the area of your skin that's going to receive the treatment on the day of the procedure. Lotions, powders and perfumes may also interfere with the treatment, so it's best to come just with skin that's been washed thoroughly with plain, unscented soap.

What Not to Do

During consultation, your cosmetic specialist will inform you that any existing tattoos you may have in the general area of the location where you hope to receive treatment will interfere with the radiofrequency of the treatment. However, if you didn't have tattoos and are considering getting one after consultation, you may not be aware of this fact, so don't get tattoos until you have recovered from the last session of your procedure. Accent XL can make aged or sagging skin appear more youthful and tight. Before your procedure, follow the directions of your cosmetic specialist to make sure that your skin is adequately prepared in order to achieve the best results.
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