Initial and Long Term Results of Accent XL

Before deciding to have Accent XL performed to tighten and improve the appearance of skin with wrinkles, cellulite, stretch marks or scars, you should consider the initial and long term results of the procedure so you don't have unrealistic expectations. However, you should be happy with your results if you know what to expect.

Prepare for Multiple Visits

Although your skin will be visibly tighter and smoother after your first visit, you will probably need to have Accent XL performed from anywhere between 6 and 12 sessions. Very small areas or skin with minor irregularities may need as little as 2 visits, but the majority of people will need many more visits for maximum results. What to Expect During the Accent XL procedure, which lasts about 30 minutes each session, your cosmetic specialist will be running a very warm tool over your skin in a circular motion. This tool may cause you to feel a burning sensation and may result in some minor pain during the procedure and for a few hours thereafter. Your skin will appear red and may be somewhat painful to the touch--similar to a sunburn--for a few days maximum after the procedure. However, this is a non-evasive procedure and you will be perfectly fine to go back to work and continue your life unimpeded immediately after each session. If necessary, your cosmetic specialist may prescribe some light pain medication to soothe your pain from the sore skin. Immediate Results Even after your first treatment, you should be able to notice smoother skin. However, you will likely not achieve the optimal results after as little as one session, so don't be surprised if your skin still shows signs of cellulite, wrinkles, stretch marks and scars, as this is completely normal after the first few sessions. Continued Results in the Long Term After the final treatment, you may not even see the best results yet, although you will notice tighter and smoother skin. Because the procedure slowly increases the skin's production of collagen, your skin will continue to improve in both texture and tone over the next few weeks.

Maintaining Results Long Term

After all of your Accent XL treatments, you will likely see skin that is much tighter and younger-looking. However, it's important that you begin or continue a healthy lifestyle so that you can keep the best results long term. A healthy diet and a moderate amount of exercise can keep cellulite at bay and can help slow the physical effects of aging. Your cosmetic specialist may encourage you to come in annually or bi-annually (or less or more often, depending on the size of the area worked on and the reasons behind the area having been worked on) for maintenance visits, to keep collagen production at its maximum and the skin tight. Although Accent XL requires some patience and persistence, there are noticeable immediate results to keep even the most impatient person satisfied with the treatment. The most important impact on keeping the satisfactory results long term is a healthy lifestyle and follow-up treatments.
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