Initial and Long Term Results of Aluma

Aluma works as a fast performing skin tightening option for patients of all ages. Initial results become visible within a matter of days and improve over time. Patient’s often undergo multiple treatments over a span of months in order to keep skin from growing loose again, but after only a few treatments, the results will only become better and then slowly decline.

Initial Aluma Results

Most patients see results from Aluma within their first week of treatment. No down time or recovery becomes necessary since the non invasive method causes virtually no pain. The body must adjust to the radio frequency waves in order to begin showing improvements, though this process takes days to start.

The suction device paired with the energy waves helps the body create new collagen networks, thus filling sagging skin and decreasing wrinkles and lines. These results occur in nearly every patient, though the size of the treated area causes fluctuation in the speediness of notable skin improvement.

Long Term Aluma Results

The Aluma method promotes a progressive approach to providing results. The technology lets the human body work to heal itself, and in this specific respect, results will continue to improve or increase from the moment the treatment concludes.

In order for results to remain visibly noticeable for months at a time, patients usually undergo a few treatment sessions in order to prolong their renewed appearances. The aging process which causes skin to become loose will continue to take its course while Aluma directly combats this occurrence.

In short, an increase in Aluma skin treatments will result in an increase in skin elasticity for longer periods of time.

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