LipoDissolve for Women

LipoDissolve is a non invasive lipoplasty. The procedure can sculpt the body through the administration of a few injections that will target the fat and dissolve it. This procedure is suitable for people that need to lose small amounts of fat. The procedure may be applied both in men and women. Women opt for LipoDissolve more often than men.

LipoDissolve and Women

A treatment of LipoDissolve is applied in multiple sessions--2 to 4, on average. These sessions are scheduled in a timeframe of 8 weeks. The treatment includes a few injections with Phosphatidlycholine (PPC), which is a solution similar to soy lecithin that has the capacity to break down fat cells; the fat will be gradually eliminated.

Women get the LipoDissolve treatment for a number of problem areas including:

  • Stomach - the LipoDissolve treatment is most frequently applied on the stomach area and may also eliminate the fat from the waist area, also known as the love handles
  • Arms and shoulders
  • Buttocks
  • Thighs
  • Back
  • Face, chin and neck

In several patients, the LipoDissolve procedure has also been effective in reducing the amount of cellulite, a condition that is common in adult women.

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