Most Common Uses of Velashape

VelaShape is a non-invasive cosmetic dermatology treatment that is generally used for improving the contours of the body. VelaShape uses a combination of radio energy and other technologies. The maker of VelaShape, Syneron, calls this unique technology "elos." VelaShape is similar to a prior product called VelaSmooth that functions in a similar way. Approved by the FDA in 2007, VelaShape adds some features and upgrades that help with the intended uses of this product. These include a lighter and quicker machine design, more energy in the application device, and a better array of tools and accessories. According to some doctors, the improvements of VelaShape make it an easier treatment to deliver to patients.

Fights Cellulite

Many of today's men and women deal with cellulite. These fat deposits develop in the body due to various factors like diet, as well as specific life events. Cellulite development is particularly likely for new mothers. Some doctors estimate that up to 80% of pregnant women will develop extra cellulite during the gestational term. The primary use of VelaShape is in breaking up cellulite deposits under the skin. Cellulite sometimes results in bumps and ridges under the skin. According to some doctors, VelaShape can be effective in breaking up these fat deposits and smoothing the contour of the skin.

Slims the Body

Other patients receive VelaShape treatments in order to slim down specific target areas of the body. Patients report various results for this kind of treatment. Syneron claims that VelaShape effectively stimulates the metabolism and burns fat at a cellular level, leading to an actual reduction in the tissues under the skin. When using VelaShape for slimming, most doctors recommend an additional program of diet and exercise. The typical patient will need at least 10 to 12 VelaShape treatment sessions, with a few monthly maintenance sessions afterward. The process for using VelaShape in this capacity often involves a combination of several office visits as well as effective "home care" programs where those who got VelaShape make sure that the results of the procedure will stay in place. Without effective maintenance and support, most VelaShape results will go away in 6 to 8 weeks.

Typical Results with VelaShape

As mentioned, VelaShape results are much different for each patient. Some consumers who ordered VelaShape treatments didn't see much improvement. Others swear by this kind of innovative treatment. Part of the appeal of VelaShape is that it is a noninvasive, non-surgical procedure that generally doesn't involve side effects. There is also no recovery time needed with VelaShape and patients can go about their daily activities directly after the procedure. Some refer to VelaShape as a kind of "low stakes" cosmetic dermatology procedure, meaning that it does not guarantee a specific result, but also doesn't rely on extreme or invasive methods where complications or side effects can cause more damage rather than help. VelaShape may not be for every patient. Talk to your doctor before considering a VelaShape program to combat cellulite or smooth and tone areas of the body.
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