Non-invasive Body Contouring: Zerona Laser Liposuction

Are you frustrated by post-holiday pounds? Jump start your New Year’s resolution weight-loss goals with Zerona laser liposuction. This innovative new treatment allows you to achieve desirable results in less time, with no discomfort and for a fraction of the cost of other fat-removal procedures. Zerona is a revolutionary treatment that non-invasively addresses fat deposits by gently breaking down the fat within its cells. The body then metabolizes and eliminates the fat naturally, without any injections or incisions.

The cool-laser device used in Zerona is called the Erchonia LipoLASER, which is FDA approved for use as a fat-reduction technique. The procedure is absolutely painless, works quickly, and there is no recovery time required.

Zerona Laser Liposuction works best when combined with a healthy diet and exercise program. This makes Zerona a great choice for those seeking to maximize their weight-loss efforts and reach those New Year goals. To learn more about how Zerona can help you achieve your body contouring goals, Click Here

Alternative procedures like SmoothShapes, Velashape, and Vaser LipoSelection can also deliver fat-reducing results non-invasively. Contact a local specialist for more information.

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