Recovery after Aluma

Patients who are considering being treated with an Aluma procedure are often relieved to find that a substantial recovery time is not necessary with this kind of treatment.

What Is Aluma?

Aluma, an innovation of the global company Lumenis, is a procedure that utilizes what's called FACES (Functional Aspiration Controlled Electrothermal Stimulation) technology. It directs RF energy below the skin to promote collagen contraction and regeneration to erase wrinkles on the face. Aluma is a noninvasive procedure.

Recovery after Aluma

Because the Aluma procedure is not invasive, and does not acquire anesthetic, there is generally no needed recovery time after this procedure is done. Doctors who administer Aluma treatments have verified what the Lumenis company claims about the procedure: that it takes very little time, and that patients can generally resume normal activities directly after the procedure.

Affects of Aluma

According to Lumenis fact sheets, Aluma is a comfortable, pain-free procedure. Some dermatology specialists note that a portion of their patients report feeling a warming sensation as the electrodes used in the process direct the RF energy below the skin into the dermis.

“What makes this product so exciting is that unlike older technologies, our Aluma treatment is predictable and comfortable." said Avner Raz, Lumenis President and CEO, in a press release about Aluma dated Oct. 12, 2005. Although some doctors consider Aluma to carry a minor share risks, including possible slight swelling, most would agree that it is relatively easy and free of side effects, compared to more invasive procedures. Patients should consult their doctors before deciding on an Aluma treatment.

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