Similar Treatments and Alternatives for Velashape

VelaShape acts as a complete system which reduces cellulite and fatty tissue, ultimately providing patients with a slimmer more shaped look. The contouring approach has become popular amongst many other similar treatments made available to the general population.

VelaShape Information

The VelaShape procedure works to rid the body of fatty tissue from the outside in. A series of mechanisms use multiple types of energy to stimulate tissue, breaking it down and allowing the body to replace it with healthy, less fatty tissue. The main objective of VelaShape involves the targeting of circumferential reduction amongst its patients.

Several other procedures on the cellulite and fatty tissue reduction market provide similar results and approaches to slimming down consumers.


Like VelaShape, TriActive implements the use of multiple devices in order to reduce cellulite and body fat. Many patients choose either TriActive or VelaShape largely because of their non invasive methods. As opposed to traditional cellulite and fat reduction surgeries like liposuction, both of these methods use laser based technology and massage therapy to reduce unwanted body tissue.

VelaShape and TriActive both smooth the out layers of skin as well. Patients enjoy the benefits of a healthier looking figure with an overall more appealing body.


This treatment acts just like VelaShape in that both implement both laser based technology and massaging tools that smooth the skin from both the outside in and the inside out. This dual functioning technique attracts several patients yearly as both have gained approval from the Food and Drug Administration as safe practice methods for reducing cellulite and providing overall body contouring.

TriActive and VelaSmooth have many similarities as well since both have direct relations to VelaShape, including treatment devices, limited down time following the procedural process, and virtually painless treatment methods.

Vaser Liposelection

This method serves as the most different from the previously mentioned options, however the semi invasive approach often provides immediate and long lasting results. Vaser Liposelection works from the inside out in that fat deposits literally get taken from targeted areas around the body. This method helps patients lose unwanted fat in nearly every region of the body by way of ultra sound technology.

A small amount of gelatinous solution gets injected into the targeted area in order to break down fatty tissue and tighten blood vessels as well. Next, sound wave energy gets passed into the body which further separates fat from healthy tissue. The fat then gets removed through a suction tube, providing patients with a more contoured and shaped looked.

This treatment works to target small, significant areas providing a sculpted look as opposed to a reduction in circumference.


As an injectable method, LipoDissolve rids the body of unwanted fat through a combination of chemical reactions. This method works much differently than the previously mentioned laser based treatment types in that fat becomes liquefied and naturally displaced by the body.

Patients often choose this option largely because the price range falls lower than most other technologically advanced procedures, such as VelaShape, VelaSmooth or TriActive.

LipoDissolve shares similarities with the previously mentioned methods in that it causes limited amounts of down time and discomfort during and after the procedure.

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