Treatments that Can be Combined with ReFirme

ReFirme is a skin tightening cosmetic procedure that uses the elos technology to tighten skin without surgery. ReFirme is the ideal treatment to reduce signs of aging. ReFirme is an effective non invasive treatment that may be combined with other cosmetic treatments that can amplify the effects of ReFirme or bring additional benefits.


Evolence can be used if the patient requires more volume to the face. In time, the face tends to lose its volume, as the skin and fat tissues tend to get thinner. Evolence is a collagen treatment that uses animal collagen mixed with sugar to restore the lost volume to the face. The treatment may require several sessions to have a full volume restoring effect.


Artefill is similar to Evolence and may be combined with ReFirme if the patient needs more volume. Artefill employs bovine collagen, which will not cause any allergies in more sensitive patients.

Hyaluronic Acid

The hyaluronic acid is a dermal filler that may be used if the patient requires more volume. This treatment is similar to Evolence, having similar effects. The hyaluronic acid is also effective in tightening skin, so will enhance the effects of ReFirme. Just as Evolence, this treatment is applied in less than 1 hour and is an outpatient treatment requiring minimal down time. Boosters should be applied regularly for maximum effects.


Even if ReFirme erases fine lines and deeper wrinkles, these wrinkles may reoccur as the facial muscles are used permanently. The wrinkles may be formed due to sun exposure, but also if the facial muscles are used (i.e. when smiling or frowning). BOTOX® is an effective procedure that will paralyze the facial muscles and this will keep the face wrinkle-free for longer. The effects of BOTOX® last for 6 to 9 months on average, and the treatment will have to be reapplied periodically.

Purtox is similar to BOTOX®, using also a type of diluted botulinum toxin to reduce dynamic wrinkling. Purtox is pending approval, but is already used in some state of the art plastic surgery offices.


Radiesse is a treatment that can be combined with ReFirme and will enhance the effects of the treatment. Radiesse has a skin tightening effect. Radiesse is available in an injectible form and will be effective to diminish wrinkles in the eye area, which may not be completely eliminated by the ReFirme treatment.


If the patient has facial fat that needs to be removed, liposuction treatments may be applied in addition to ReFirme. The plastic surgeon will select a minimally or non invasive liposuction treatment that is safe for use on the facial area. Procedures such as Cool Lipo, ProLipo, Smart Lipo or Body Jet Liposuction can be used on the face, without causing bruising or scars. The traditional liposuction is too aggressive for use in the facial area and will also cause bruising and extensive scarring.

Non invasive liposuction techniques, such as LipoDissolve, may be most recommended if the patient only has a small amount of fat to reduce. LipoDissolve is an injectible solution that will melt the fat, and the fat will be eliminated through a natural process.

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