Velashape Myths and Facts

Velashape is a non-invasive treatment for cellulite and surface skin irregularities. It uses FDA approved infrared light, radiofrequency and vacuum assisted massage to sculpt the body. Cellulite is a collection of fat under skin that is pushed against connective tissue, making the skin appear bumpy. It is estimated that 80% of women and some men have cellulite. The affected areas are re-contoured with Velashape to improve the surface of the skin. 

Myth: Velashape Removes Fat Cells.

Fact: Velashape mobilizes fat within the cells to move to the exterior of the cells. Increased circulation from the infrared light, vacuum, and massage enhances natural metabolism and flushes the mobilized fat away. The cells are not removed, but the fat inside the cells is reduced, which results in circumferential reduction. Velashape shrinks the fat cells. 

Myth: Velashape Results Are Permanent.

Fact: Results from Velashape vary from person to person and since the fat cells are not removed, only deflated, they can refill with fat. Improvements in appearance are temporary, but can be extended with the maintenance of a healthy lifestyle. Exercise and proper nutrition can give cellulite reduction longevity.

Myth: Only One Treatment of Velashape Is Needed.

Fact: Each person's body is affected by cellulite or scarring in different regions. Also, different amounts of fatty deposits are present in each region. Typically, improvement is noticed after four treatments. The treatment sessions are usually scheduled two times per week for 45 minutes. Sometimes, treatments can be extended six to eight weeks.

Myth: Velashape Can Cause Skin Damage.

Fact: The heat energy from Velashape penetrates the skin and affects the fat layer that lies just below the skin. It only reaches five to ten millimeters into the tissues, which eliminates exposure to any of the deeper tissues. The vibration of the radiofrequency waves expels fat from the fat cells and the heat from the infrared light increases blood circulation within the treated region. The only side-effect can be slight bruising from the massage or vacuum systems.

Myth: Velashape Is Painful.

Fact: Velashape uses a vacuum system to dilate blood vessels within the treatment region. Infrared light causes increased heat to the tissues, causing a warm sensation. Both the blood vessel dilation and the heat increase circulation to the area, allowing the body's immune system to remove the expelled extracellular fat particles. The vacuum system can sometimes cause a mild pinching sensation which will produce slight bruising. These side-effects can be eliminated with proper adjustments to the machinery.

Velashape is a non-surgical, minimally invasive therapeutic option as a treatment for cellulite and stretch marks. The contouring allows an improved body image promoting personal confidence, but will need consistent maintenance. The virtually painless procedure, with no recovery time, allows an immediate return to regular daily activities. Weight loss is not present with Velashape, only a newly contoured body shape. Bumpy cellulite skin can be altered into a smoother texture with a consecutive schedule of treatments and continued healthy lifestyle.

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