3 Reasons to Choose Acoustic Wave Therapy

Despite the hundreds of millions of dollars spent on cellulite and other skin treatments each year, smoothing out cellulite and skin tone has been an ongoing challenge for the skincare industry. The arrival of acoustic wave therapy (AWT) in recent years has addressed many of the shortcomings of current therapies, such as lengthy and costly treatments and side effects. Acoustic wave therapy is even proving that it can accomplish great feats, including women's ongoing battle with cellulite.  

Acoustic waves may be behind one of the greatest wonders of the world  — the building of the great pyramids of Egypt. If acoustic vibrations did indeed use sonic levitation to move 2.5-ton granite rocks to form ancient pyramids, think what they could do when focused on the connective tissues in your skin. With age, as connective tissues become less elastic, they trap deposits of fat and toxin. By applying high pressure waves, vibrations relax the connective tissues and, as a result, break down fat, improve circulation and stimulate collagen production. The overall effect is smoother, more elastic skin.

1. Painless

Acoustic wave therapy is painless compared to many alternative therapies, such as surgery and shock wave treatments. For many, the treatments are as effortless as listening to pleasant music. Acoustic waves carry sound in the form of vibrations through our ears and into our brains where the vibrations are interpreted into something meaningful to us.  In fact, acoustic wave therapy’s effectiveness in improving skin appearance was discovered while it was being used to treat pain. Growing in popularity for cellulite treatments, the collagen-enhancing benefits of acoustic wave therapy are being used more and more to improve overall skin tone, elasticity and sun damage on all areas of the body.  

2. Non-Invasive

As a non-invasive procedure, acoustic wave therapy poses little or no risk of scarring or side effects. It may result in some reddening of the treated area as connective tissues are relaxed and blood circulates more freely. Plastic surgery, liposuction and laser surgery treatments all have a higher risk of side effects.

3. Time and Cost Effective

The treatment time and horizon for acoustic wave therapy are also appealing. Treatment duration can be as little as 15 to 45 minutes two times a week over the course of a few weeks, but could last six weeks or longer. Upon completion of initial treatments, touch-ups may be required every three months. Costs for acoustic wave therapy can range from $80 to $$300 per treatment. Cellulite creams and wraps are inexpensive and can be easily applied; however, there may be no end in sight to these treatments. 

For all these benefits, there are a few unhappy acoustic wave therapy customers. On cellulite, acoustic wave therapy works best on those who are fit or moderately overweight and who combine treatments with lifestyle changes. Bad diet and exercise habits can counteract any progress made during acoustic wave therapy. It is not unlike paying for liposuction treatment while continuing to overindulge in high fat foods. The success of acoustic wave therapy has also been closely linked to the skill and years of experience of the technician. While much cheaper than plastic surgery, you should still shop around for the best acoustic wave therapy and ask for recommendations.  

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