5 Reasons to Choose Velashape

VelaShape is something a lot of people are hearing about. This new and innovative product for cosmetic dermatology helps treat many patients with cellulite, diminishing bumps and ridges under the skin and stimulating fat cells for trimmer, smoother body contours.

A large patient base, including some prominent celebrities, can provide testimonials about VelaShape and how it helps achieve better cosmetic results. Here are some of the top reasons that individuals choose VelaShape treatment.

  1. Non-invasive and non-surgical cosmetic dermatology - Unlike liposuctions or other procedures, VelaShape is simply an application of radio energy and a vacuum component to the skin. It's a relatively low-risk procedure for dealing with fat deposits and changing the shape of body areas. There's no need for anesthesia or painkillers, making this treatment much more convenient, as well as less expensive. Many patients are drawn to VelaShape because of its status as a relatively safe method.
  2. New and improved - Approved by the FDA in 2007, VelaShape represents an improved version of the original VelaSmooth technology that was approved in 2004. Both of these appliances use what the maker, Syneron, refers to as "elos" technology, where RF and infrared energy are applied to fat cells. Improvements with VelaShape include more RF energy, different versatile attachments and better controls. Some of the doctors who routinely use these products report that VelaShape does help make application of the technology easier.
  3. Administered by skilled professionals - VelaShape is meant to be administered by qualified dermatology specialists. Look for it in certified dermatology offices or medical spas and always inquire about the credentials of practicing physicians or other medical experts.
  4. A massage therapy - Many patients report that VelaShape is somewhat like a massage. For patients who are accustomed to the treatment, VelaShape can be a relaxing process, a rejuvenation for the skin and a general curative therapy.
  5. Home care with VelaShape - One of the biggest benefits of this kind of treatment is that patients who receive VelaShape have a big incentive to follow up with good home care. Doctors often recommend improvements in diet and exercise following VelaShape to make sure the results of this procedure remain visible. The idea that VelaShape tends to promote better weight management and muscle time means that it can be a springboard to overall health.

The above are some of the big reasons to look at what VelaShape can do in terms of treating cellulite and shrinking some of the fat in various body areas. Reported results with VelaShape vary, but many patients and their doctors endorse VelaShape and showcase visible changes in body tissue. VelaShape is especially popular with new mothers, as pregnancy tends to promote the development of cellulite in the body.

Those interested in the latest news about this popular product can talk to local doctors about the real chances of good results, as well as any potential side effects or interactions for VelaShape. Since reported side effects are rare, many patients are good candidates for treatment with this exciting technology.

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