Cosmetic and Health Benefits of Velashape

The cosmetic dermatology treatment known as VelaShape is part of a continuing product line from the Syneron company that looks at how radio energy and related technology can treat cellulite and fat deposits under the skin. Those who are looking at VelaShape as a possible treatment can find out about the range of cosmetic and health benefits for this kind of procedure to help evaluate whether VelaShape is right for them.

The VelaSmooth product, approved by the FDA in 2004, was Syneron’s first device that used proprietary “elos” technology intended to break up cellulite and smooth the skin on target areas of the body including abdomen, thighs, and upper legs. With the popularity of VelaSmooth, and thousands of patients being treated with it, Syneron received FDA approval for VelaShape in 2007.

Diminished Cellulite

Some of the patients who receive VelaSmooth and VelaShape treatments see visible results in terms of diminished or reduced cellulite.

Slimmer Body Areas

As the VelaShape technology can cause active changes in sub-epidermal tissues, patients can also see areas of the body looking slimmer after a VelaShape treatment.

VelaShape is now getting coverage from major news outlets, including television broadcasters, where news reports show celebrities getting this kind of treatment for cellulite. Though actual results vary, VelaShape is becoming a popular way to fight the development of cellulite and other fat deposits.

Although this treatment is not a medical treatment, and does not specifically offer health benefits to patients, there are some common health benefits that tend to go along with VelaShape treatment.

Encourages Healthy Lifestyle

Patients who receive VelaShape generally need 10 to 12 sessions, as well as some monthly maintenance sessions afterward. Without active support, VelaShape results will go way in 6 to 8 weeks. That means that those who want to see their VelaShape results remain in place need to support lower weight gain with a good program of diet and exercise.

Because the support processes for VelaShape involve weight monitoring and physical exercise, those who receive this kind of treatment have a powerful incentive to transform their lives and maintain better health habits.

The kind of maintenance patients often do after VelaShape helps prevent conditions like diabetes, cancers, and heart disease. Patients who make dietary changes after VelaShape often benefit from a diet that gives them the nutritional elements they need to stay healthy. Exercise programs that are often part of VelaShape maintenance can help promote longevity for bones and muscles.

VelaShape: A Relatively Safe Treatment

Another way that VelaShape is generally thought to be “healthy” is that it does not include invasive or extreme measures or require local or general anesthesia. This means that few patients report any side effects from VelaShape, and no recovery period is generally needed.

For much more on the pros and cons of VelaShape, consumers can talk to their local doctors and get more information from qualified dermatology offices about whether they are a good candidate for VelaShape and whether this kind of treatment is likely to be effective for their conditions. Those who are considering VelaShape can also think about whether they will be likely to follow through on good post-treatment support that will make a big difference in the final results.

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