History of Velashape

Velashape is a new cosmetic dermatology treatment that aims to reduce cellulite and alter the contours of the body with radio waves. This emerging technology is now used to treat thousands of patients who want slimmer, smoother skin in areas of the body.

History of VelaShape

According to industry sources, VelaShape originated from an original product called VelaSmooth. VelaShape and VelaSmooth were made by the same company, Syneron, and share much of the same technology, which the maker calls "elos" technology. VelaSmooth was approved by the FDA in 2004. After that, Syneron spent time crafting the VelaShape product, which was approved in 2007 after studies and trials to test its safety.

VelaShape Today

These days, VelaShape is part of the routine treatment menu at many dermatology offices and spas throughout the world. Anyone with unsightly cellulite, including women who have developed extra cellulite during pregnancy, rely on VelaShape to help get rid of fat deposits. Some celebrity clients, including Kim Kardashian, have used VelaShape and provide some testimonials on results. Although VelaShape is a relatively safe, noninvasive treatment, no dermatology procedure is entirely risk free, and VelaShape may not be right for all patients. Consult a doctor about whether VelaShape is right for you.
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