Most Common Uses of TriActive

TriActive is a cosmetic procedure, which uses a low level laser, suction massage and localized cooling to reduce cellulite and enhance body contours. Cellulite reduction is the most common use of this procedure, apart from the tightening of sagging skin. The procedure combines the effectiveness of low-energy lasers with a mechanical massage. TriActive is an FDA-approved “non–medical” laser, which means that its usage is not restricted only to physicians, and the equipment can be bought over–the–counter and be used by trained personnel. There are several uses of TriActive, apart from cellulite reduction.

Fat and Cellulite Reduction

The procedure is commonly used to break pockets of fat that have led to cellulite dimpling on the body. The procedure involves stimulating the blood flow to the fat cells, dissolving the fibrous chambers to release the cellulite fat, thereby releasing the dimples that appear on the surface of the skin.

The average TriActive treatment barely lasts over 20 minutes and involves pointing six diode lasers at the cellulite–affected area of the body. As the lasers are transmitted through your skin, the mechanical massaging process expands the skin to aid fat drainage. The lasers and the massage also enable collagen production and distribution, helping your skin retain a youthful appearance.

Skin Tightening

TriActive treatment is also used to remove wrinkle lines and excess fat around the face and neck. Consisting of a hand piece, which is used on the facial area and on the neck, the treatment requires around 6 to 12 sessions to show proper results. You will need to maintain a healthy, active lifestyle to prevent re–deposition of cellulite that negates the entire process. You will not feel any pain during the session, though slight discomfort or swelling might occur in rare cases. These can be easily remedied with an ice pack or pain medication.

Enhances Results of Other Treatments

TriActive is also effectively used along with traditional liposuction procedures. In these situations, the procedure is only used to tighten loose skin after tummy tucks and other procedures. Redefining body contours, the procedure is used to enhance the results of other procedures.

If you are pregnant, or suffer from a condition that can be alleviated by the increase in lymphatic drainage, such as asthma, hyperthyroidism etc., then this procedure is not appropriate for you. You will need to consult your physician in such cases.

TriActive can be applied to all the parts of the body and is suited for all skin and body types. It is entirely non–invasive and does not involve the usage of any anesthesia or other numbing agents. You can return to your daily activities immediately after the treatment, as the procedure does not require any specific recovery time.

There are no known serious risks related to the procedure. You will need to get monthly maintenance sessions done in order to maintain the results.

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