Post-Acoustic Wave Therapy Lifestyle & Maintenance

Acoustic Wave Therapy is a procedure that reduces cellulite and enhances the appearance of skin by mechanically vibrating and manipulating the connective tissue. Acoustic therapy uses sound waves to flatten the fat beneath the skin. Each Acoustic Wave Therapy session lasts about thirty minutes. It takes at least six sessions to achieve noticeable results.

During this procedure, major cellulite causes, such as protrusions of fat into the lower dermis and fibrous septae, are addressed with pressure waves. The skin achieves a smooth texture as the collagen breaks. Acoustic Wave Therapy does not cause any serious side effects. In rare cases, it may cause redness, minor discomfort and bruising after the treatment. Placing crushed ice cubes in a plastic bag and placing it on affected areas helps reduce these effects.

Post Acoustic Wave Therapy maintenance should include:


Post therapy, lifestyle and maintenance involves regular exercising. Cellulite is developed from excessive body fat. Exercises like jogging and cycling can help reduce body fat levels, tone the muscles beneath the skin, and improve circulation in order to prevent future cellulite formation.

Weight training is another effective way of preventing cellulite after receiving Acoustic Wave Therapy. It firms muscles and reduces fat, by increasing metabolism. Apart from lifting heavy weights, weight training stimulates muscle activity and provides relief from excessive fat. Exercises like squats help target cellulite areas like the inner thighs and buttocks.

Healthy Diet

A healthy diet plays an integral part in post Acoustic Wave Therapy lifestyle and maintenance. It is advisable to avoid eating foods rich in fat. Your body finds it difficult to break down fatty foods, so it stores them as fat. This can trigger cellulite problems. Refined foods, sugary foods and additives can also lead to cellulite in the future.

Eating organic fruits and vegetables helps prevent this problem. Drinking plenty of water eliminates the toxins that cause cellulite. It is recommended to take in five small meals instead of three heavy meals, as this helps your body digest food with ease.

Healthy Snacks

Healthy snacks, such as cucumber salads, groundnuts and boiled potatoes, help maintain a healthy and ideal weight. The intake of carbohydrates at night results in weight gain due to lack of physical activity at night.

Accumulation of toxins in your body causes problems to your digestive system. This can result in cellulite formation after Acoustic Wave Therapy. Post therapy, it is recommended to avoid foods that build toxins in your body. Coffee, alcohol and smoking are some of the things that intoxicate your body.

Other Lifestyle Requirements

Under the supervision of the physician, it is recommended taking vitamin and mineral supplements to help prevent cellulite formation. Massaging cellulite prone areas of your body helps reduce cellulite formation after the therapy. You must also follow post Acoustic Wave Therapy lifestyle and maintenance tips provided by health care professionals.

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