Post-Velashape Lifestyle & Maintenance

VelaShape is a popular noninvasive method for reducing or diminishing cellulite in the body. According to its maker, Syneron, VelaShape can also be effective in slimming down body contours, and reducing the circumference of upper limbs or other body areas.

Many patients are treated with VelaShape, as well as an older product called VelaSmooth, every day in dermatology offices and medical spas. Some prominent celebrities have opted for VelaShape treatment, and large news outlets are beginning to cover this type of cosmetic dermatology procedure, to show how a wide range of patients are reporting results in terms of smoothing out bumps and ridges caused by cellulite, and getting a leaner, smoother look for areas of the body. But what happens after VelaShape treatment? Knowing more about how to support and maintain VelaShape results can help patients make the most of this often expensive treatment.

Post-VelaShape Maintenance Treatments

The typical patient who opts for VelaShape treatment will initially get 10 to 12 weekly sessions. Those with more cellulite may need more than a dozen visits. Many doctors who administer VelaShape recommend that patients sign up for a series of monthly maintenance sessions after the initial series of treatments are done. The monthly maintenance sessions help support the initial results and help provide momentum for an active post-VelaShape support lifestyle.

Post-VelaShape Maintenance: Home Care

Doctors who know about VelaShape understand that it's critical to support the series of treatments with a lifestyle that constitutes good "home care." This generally includes attention to diet and exercise. Patients who receive VelaShape can help these results last longer by practicing good weight management, refusing to allow the fat cells that shrank in reaction to the treatment to resume their growth. A good physical exercise schedule will also help keep the empty fat cells depleted.

A large part of the link between VelaShape and a diet and exercise lifestyle has to do with how the body processes nutrients. In general, when someone takes in more calories than they burn, the body stores them in existing fat cells, and also creates new fat cells for extra storage. However, when the individual burns off fat stores through calorie control and exercise, the extra fat cells do not go away, they just get emptied out. VelaShape may effectively empty out fat cells in some patients, but without an aggressive weight control lifestyle, the results will not last. Experts estimate that the typical VelaShape result goes away in 6 to 8 weeks without active maintenance, making VelaShape a relatively short term solution for slimming down.

Many of those who are fighting cellulite and expansion of body fat may feel like they are waging an uphill battle, but with the right mix of dietary control and exercise, it's possible to make routine improvements like those that some patients experience with VelaShape last. To know more about VelaShape and how it promotes lower circumference by stimulating fat cells, talk to local doctors and ask about what constitutes a healthy post-VelaShape lifestyle that will keep you looking good. Ask questions about the pros and cons of VelaShape and evaluate whether this treatment is right for you.

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