Post-VelaSmooth Lifestyle & Maintenance

VelaSmooth is a truly interesting cosmetic dermatology product that doctors are using to help patients fight cellulite in the body. Cellulite is a type of fat deposit that causes lumps and other changes in the body’s contour or shape. In VelaSmooth treatments, doctors use a machine to administer RF and infrared energy below the skin. This technology is referred to as “elos” by the maker of VelaSmooth, the Syneron company. According to Syneron, VelaSmooth helps deal with cellulite at a cellular level, by actually “metabolizing” fat cells and thus shrinking them.

Skilled dermatology offices offer VelaSmooth to many patients each year since the FDA approval of this treatment several years ago, and many are positive about what VelaSmooth can do for consumers.

The VelaSmooth Treatment Schedule

Those who select VelaSmooth as a way to deal with cellulite and related conditions often receive a series of scheduled VelaSmooth procedures. These are generally done weekly or biweekly, with over a dozen sessions included in the typical VelaSmooth treatment plan. Some patients who have more advanced cellulite in the upper or lower body may receive even more treatments.

Lifestyle Maintenance

Doctors who administer VelaSmooth often recommend monthly maintenance treatment afterward in order to help keep the results of VelaSmooth sessions from deteriorating.

VelaSmooth is not intended to be a permanent solution to cellulite. Without active maintenance by the participant, the effects of VelaSmooth will typically begin to wear off after several weeks or months.

Since VelaSmooth works to shrink fat cells and slim down body areas, it makes sense that a post-VelaSmooth lifestyle plan would include proper diet and exercise. Many doctors and their patients think of VelaSmooth as a handy way to jump-start an overall plan to work on fatty deposits in the body. For some patients, VelaSmooth can be a way to break up cellulite deposits and provide a smoother, leaner contour in various parts of the body. Other patients do not report visible results with this product.

Those individuals who begin aggressive workout programs and a weight loss diet, where applicable, will have the best chance of retaining the positive results of their VelaSmooth treatments.

Recovery after VelaSmooth

Because VelaSmooth is a non-invasive procedure that doesn't use harsh chemicals, there really are no specific recovery times attached to a VelaSmooth session. The only commonly reported side effect is a mild flushing of the skin and a related heat sensation which typically goes away quickly. Patients can resemble normal activities.

Just like with any cosmetic dermatology treatment, consultation with a skilled physician is important prior to starting a VelaSmooth treatment plan. Knowing about the costs of VelaSmooth as well as any possible medical interactions will help a patient avoid any potential negative impact from VelaSmooth. Learning about how to maintain the body after this procedure will help individuals benefit from what can be an expensive way to reduce cellulite and smooth out areas of the body.

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