What to Expect During TriActive

The TriActive cellulite reduction treatment utilizes a completely pain free approach. Unlike invasive approaches, this method works from the outside in, by using advanced technology and easy to use mechanisms.

The TriActive Treatment

Patients who will undergo the TriActive solution often choose it because of its comfortable treatment process. No anesthetics are necessary at any time during the treatment session, and at no time does the body feel any pain or discomfort.

Patients simply lay in a fixed position while a medically trained professional uses a series of instruments to break up fat within the body. This occurs by taking paddle like mechanisms and running them up and down the cellulite laden regions. Another similar instrument and process helps tighten the skin as well, so that once the body loses the excess fat deposits, the skin will not sag.

TriActive also works to tighten sagging skin with or without cellulite.

Other Information

During the TriActive treatment session, patients feel a massaging sensation as opposed to a rigorous body rub. The areas that receive treatment do not become sore or become cosmetically affected on the surface. This generally helps patients relax even further, while their conditions become eliminated with ease.

Most treatment sessions last less than an hour, but depending on the size of the region receiving treatment, the time will fluctuate. Some patients undergo TriActive to reduce cellulite and to tighten the skin surrounding that particular area. This does not take any extra time, because the instruments used in this product treat both conditions simultaneously.

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