3 Reasons to Choose Portrait Plasma Skin Rejuvenation

Portrait Plasma Skin Rejuvenation is among the latest of cosmetic procedures in the niche of skin rejuvenation treatments. People contemplating this treatment should be aware of the many advantages it offers and its overall effectiveness. Here are three reasons to choose this procedure:

1. Safer Than Most Contemporary Skin Treatments

There are various minimally-invasive procedures that promise to eradicate fine lines and wrinkles of the face along with reducing damaging effects of sun exposure or acne. However, even the most popular treatments, including laser treatments, cannot offer absolute safety. However, Portrait Plasma Skin Regeneration is not a laser treatment, nor does it use radio frequency or pulsed light. It uses a far safer tool for heating the skin; it harnesses the natural thermal energy from natural materials like plasma.

Thus, Portrait Plasma Skin Rejuvenation is even recommended for those with sensitive or allergic skin or those who are apprehensive about laser or laser-like treatments. This procedure uses nitrogen plasma. This is essentially nitrogen gas in which ionized atoms exist in a concentrated form. The plasma exudes thermal energy or heat that is directed to the skin using a handheld device. This device too never touches the skin. Thus, chances of contradictory results are negated.

2. Provides Longer-Lasting & Impressive Results

The thermal energy resourced from the nitrogen plasma is absorbed uniformly across the skin. This is because the heat is transferred in a controlled and gradual manner, neutralizing chances of overheating selected parts of the treatment area. Thus, the thermal energy is better absorbed by the skin which ensures that regeneration of collagen and elastin fibers is uniformly stimulated. The plasma heat is able to extend deep into the underlying layers of skin, ensuring that the skin rejuvenation process is catalyzed faster and for a longer period.

Thus, the youthful appearance is sustained for a longer time. It should be noted that the skin regeneration aspect of this treatment is known to sustain itself even after a year. The resurfacing action is essentially a sustained process of generation of new skin cells that makes the skin more immune against sun-induced damage and signs of aging. The skin tightening effect is visible within a few days of treatment, as more collagen fibers are synthesized. This treatment is potent enough to cure hyperpigmentation or deep acne scars and can offer results at par with laser or plastic surgery.

3. Offers Customized Treatment Options

The resurfacing and rejuvenating effect of Portrait Plasma Skin treatment can be controlled in a surprisingly precise manner. This is rather unusual since most cosmetic treatments offer little room for customization. Portrait Plasma offers the option of choosing across four kinds of resurfacing treatments. This ensures that the cosmetic requirements of each patient can be easily met. The four treatment options are referred to as four regimens. These include PSR1, PSR2, PSR3 and the PSR2/3 regimens.

The type of regimen is chosen based upon the skin condition of the patient and her expectations from the treatment. The lower-energy treatment like PSR1 is completed in about one to three sessions, each lasting for about 30 minutes. Higher-energy treatments like PSR2 and PSR3 need lesser sessions, often a single session. The PSR2/3 combination is recommended for those whose skin doesn’t present any pre-existing condition and those looking for longer-lasting results.

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