Advantages and Disadvantages of Vi Peel

Vi Peel is a medical grade chemical peel that must be performed in the office of a qualified and skilled dermatologist. It is often practiced as a treatment for acne or other skin irritations, as well as other kinds of cosmetic blemishes on the skin. Here are some of the pros and cons of this procedure.


  • Non-invasive - Unlike some other procedures, Vi Peel is a non-invasive procedure that does not require a long recovery time or any other aspects of the patients may have concerns about with something that is more invasive.
  • Quick - Professionals simply apply the peel to the skin. This process usually takes under half an hour according to doctors who practice it.
  • Broad-spectrum – Vi Peel can be effective for a broad range of skin types, which is one reason it is a popular procedure in some dermatology offices.
  • Less Extreme than Other Chemical Peels - Some who use the Vi Peel procedure reported that patients may not be subject to some of the minor pain and skin sensations that they may get with more extensive chemical peels.


  • Skin Discoloration – Vi Peel experts inform patients that the skin may be discolored for several days after a Vi Peel procedure. Patients may be able to mask this skin discoloration with cosmetics.
  • Cost - Some estimate the costs of Vi Peel to be up to $400 to $500 per session. As patients are often recommended for multiple sessions, these costs can add up over time. Think about including the costs of Vi Peel in a household budget when looking for this kind of treatment.

These are things to consider for patients looking at a Vi Peel procedure to improve the appearance of the skin.

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