Alternative Uses of LATISSE

LATISSE ® is a cosmetic product which can help a patient grow thicker and more luxurious eyelashes. Unlike surgery, this treatment is applied by a patient at home for a certain time period. Over the course of a few months, patients will begin to see results, with the maximum benefit being seen after four months of daily treatments. There are currently no alternative uses for LATISSE ® that have been approved by the FDA.

Use on the Upper Eyes Only

LATISSE ® is used on the upper eyelids to help stimulate growth of new eyelashes. Unlike using a product like mascara, this medication will help the skin grow new lashes, not just thicken the lashes already available. With regular daily use for one to two months, patients can see improvement in their lash quantity and thickness. The new lashes that result from LATISSE ® will last for up to two months, just as natural eye lashes do, being shed at the end of the growth cycle.

Patients who are on other medications may not be able to use LATISSE ® , so all prescription medications should be revealed to the dermatologist. Even patients with sensitive eyes can use LATISSE ® , so this should not be a reason for patients to avoid trying this product. The product is applied to clean upper eyelids only, with a special applicator.

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