Candidacy for Vitalize Peel

Vitalize Peel treats a number of conditions in patients of nearly every age group, from adolescents to those past their 40s. This specific chemical peel treatment also works to serve those patients seeking minimal downtime and pain during and after the procedure.

Vitalize Peel Patient Information

In order to receive a Vitalize Peel treatment, patients must consult medical professionals who actually have the service available. The treatment requires its patients to first understand the possible side effects and risks involved with the chemical peel procedure, which remain minimal during and after the actual application takes place.

Vitalize Peel works best for patients seeking the removal of acne related scarring, uneven pigmentation caused by overexposure to sunlight and other age related skin conditions. Many patients seek the use of this particular chemical peel in order to improve skin elasticity and to improve the condition of facial pores.

Viable candidates have no previous allergen outbreaks to chemical peel treatments. Patients who have previous records of adverse health effects as a result of acid based skin rejuvenation products do not meet the requirements to receive the Vitalize Peel treatment. This product contains highly effective chemicals, including acids that have caused allergic outbreaks in some patients.

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