Chemical Peel for Adolescents

Chemical peels are becoming more popular with adolescents as a way to improve minor skin imperfections. Read on for some of the ways a chemical peel can help adolescents.


Keeping pores clear is an important tool in the prevention of acne for adolescents. A chemical peel clears oil and debris from the pores and helps keep acne breakouts away. A chemical peel can also temporarily reduce the amount of oil on the skin, which will cut down on unwanted shine. For adolescents, a maintenance program that consists of manual exfoliants or milder acids can maintain the professional results of a chemical peel at home.

Scarring and Sun Damage

Adolescents do not usually have a lot of sun damage or acne scars, but in some cases, these will be a problem. A chemical peel can improve skin texture for adolescents with very mild forms of sun damage and acne scars.


Any discoloration from sun damage, acne breakouts or unwanted freckles can also be eliminated with a chemical peel or series of peels. After the chemical peel, adolescents should use a good sunblock every day to prevent unwanted pigmentation from returning.

Parents and adolescents with any questions and concerns about a chemical peel should consult with a dermatologist.

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