Cosmetic and Health Benefits of Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal is a somewhat lengthy cosmetic process in which a pulsating beam of light damages hair follicles at their roots in order to stop the hair from growing. Each hair must be treated individually and multiple sessions are sometimes necessary to ensure results, but you may find the following cosmetic and health benefits worth the process:

Smooth, Long-Lasting Hair-Free Skin

Laser hair removal allows you to semi-permanently remove hair on nearly any area of your choice on your body. Common treated areas are the bikini area, legs, armpits, arms, face, back and chest. Although there may be some irritation and slight pigmentation issues (especially if you're darker-skinned--although it can be temporary), the result is instant smooth, hair-free skin. The skin will remain completely or near completely free of hair for up to two months at first, after which you'll need to start a series of three to six more bi-monthly treatments before you achieve near-permanent 80 to 90% hair loss in the area.

Healthier, More Attractive Skin

Laser hair treatment works best for people with fair skin and dark hair, on whom body hair is extremely visible. Removing the hair on the body allows your skin to shine through and makes moisturizing, cleaning and keeping the skin free of bacteria and oil that causes acne much easier. Your skin will look more appealing because it won't have the dark hair contrasting against it, but you'll also be better able to treat the skin and keep it healthier and more attractive.

Decreased Risk of Ingrown Hairs

Ingrown hairs are usually not a serious medical condition, but they are an unattractive, sometimes itchy and painful nuisance nonetheless. Ingrown hairs manifest as red bumps that can be sore to the touch, painful, itchy and/or full of pus. If you try to remove the hair before it grows out, the bump can leave a scar. If you're no longer shaving, waxing and plucking your body hair, you'll decrease your risk for developing ingrown hairs.

Boosts Self-Esteem

If you remove unwanted body hair, you'll feel more attractive and more confident. You'll view yourself in a more favorable light and be more inclined to socialize and work out. Having a healthy amount of self-confidence can make you a healthier person--just as holding yourself in too little regard can negatively impact your health.

Decreases Risk of Depression

When you're unhappy with your appearance, you can be unhappy with yourself. While cosmetic treatments should never be a substitute for medical help, if you have laser hair treatment, you may be happy enough with your appearance that you decrease your risk of spiraling into a deep medical depression. Along with decreasing your risk for depression, you'll decrease your risk for the physical side effects of depression, such as eating disorders, high blood pressure, heart disease and stroke. You'll also have a better chance of getting a regular amount of healthy sleep.

Even once you've achieved ideal results with your laser hair removal session, you may need to come back for maintenance visits. Still, if you want to remove hair, the process requires the least amount of effort in the long term for one of the best possible results.

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