Dermabrasion for Adolescents

Dermabrasion for adolescents is a popular cosmetic procedure that is often performed to improve the appearance of the skin on the face. Indications for dermabrasion for adolescents may include severe acne and facial scars. Often, adolescents are self conscious and have poor self esteem because of their scars or acne. Dermabrasion can smooth out irregularities and allow for the facial skin to look smoother and clearer. Dermabrasion is appropriate for all age groups, however, the adolescents may benefit from the physical and emotional benefits that this procedure can provide.

Risks of Dermabrasion for Adolescents

Although this procedure is generally safe, all surgical procedures carry some risk. Dermabrasion for adolescents can be performed quickly and the results can be dramatic. During this procedure, the physician uses an instrument that is similar to a wire brush to scrape at the top layer of the skin. This scraping progresses until the layer of skin that causes the imperfections to be least visible is attained. Risks include allergic reaction and local irritation.

After Effects of Dermabrasion

After the dermabrasion procedure is complete, the adolescent may notice his face is red and swollen. Certain tasks such as eating, drinking and talking may be difficult. Discomfort can be minimized by taking medications recommended by the surgeon. Dermabrasion for adolescents will frequently restore smoother skin and increased confidence in patients who undergo the procedure.

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