How is a Vitalize Peel Performed?

The Vitalize Peel is a relatively quick, safe method for restoring the youthful tone and texture to skin that has been damaged as a result of sun exposure or the natural aging process. Many conditions can be improved with a single treatment, but most individuals will find they need a series of treatments to achieve the maximum effects of the Vitalize Peel.

The peel procedure is quick and most patients report feeling no discomfort at all during their treatment with the Vitalize Peel solution. Quick treatment time coupled with no recovery time have made the Vitalize Peel an increasingly popular procedure among men and women looking to help reduce mild to moderate signs of aging.

The procedure itself is performed in an outpatient setting. Prior to undergoing the Vitalize Peel procedure, your skin must be completely clear of any makeup, moisturizers, or other products. Your specialist may use a special liquid to thoroughly and deeply cleanse the area to be treated.

Once the treatment area is prepared, your specialist will apply the peel solution in an even layer. Depending upon the depth of your own treatment, the solution may remain on your skin for up to 30 minutes. During the treatment period, you may feel a warm or tingling sensation. Most individuals do not experience discomfort with the peel, but some specialists may offer a fan or other cooling device to help minimize the warmth felt during the peel. Because the peel is relatively mild, no pretreatment or anesthetic is required.

Once the peel solution is removed, you may notice a tingling or warm sensation and mild redness in the treatment area, which should dissipate within a few hours of treatment. Your specialist may recommend the use of a lightweight moisturizer following treatment in order to minimize flaking which may occur a few days after the Vitalize Peel procedure.

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