How To Choose a LATISSE? Provider

Unlike other cosmetic products and procedures, where the outcome is based at least in part on the skill of the treatment provider, LATISSE® is applied by the patient, with the specialist serving as the provider of the prescription.

Although you will not be evaluating the skill of your cosmetic provider when considering whether or not to use LATISSE® you should still take the opportunity to ask your cosmetic specialist about the product, its potential side effects, and its results during your office visit.

As with other cosmetic procedures, it is advisable to do some research on your own before your office visit so that you can ask questions about the treatment as an informed consumer. The internet can be a great place to begin to develop a basic understanding of the LATISSE® product and its benefits. As you review information online, be sure to jot down questions or concerns you have so that you may discuss them with your specialist at your office visit.

During your initial consultation, you may also want to ask to see before and after pictures of patients who have used LATISSE® for lash growth. Because lashes that grow as a result of LATISSE® treatment may be darker than your natural lashes, if you are fair-skinned you may want to ask to see any available photos of other fair-skinned patients to determine if new lash growth may be too dark for the results you want.

If you have sensitive eyes or severe allergies, you may also want to ask your specialist about the potential for any side effects of LATISSE® . Most individuals with sensitive eyes report some itching or redness with initial treatment that subsides with repeated use. If you are concerned about the potential for allergic reaction, the consultation visit is an ideal time to make sure your concerns are addressed.

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