How to Choose a LATISSE Specialist

Consumers looking at using the cosmetic dermatology product LATISSE ® for growing longer and thicker lashes may be looking at how to choose a provider for this kind of treatment.

Since LATISSE ® is not an in-office procedure, but is self-applied at home, the range of doctors who can provide LATISSE ® is a bit wider than the range of specialists who administrate some other types of cosmetic dermatology treatments.

Choosing a LATISSE ® Specialist

When it's time to choose a provider for LATISSE ® , patients have several options. Looking at your various choices for getting a LATISSE ® prescription is part of smart health care and cosmetic care decision-making.

Family Doctors

A family physician will probably be able to provide a prescription for LATISSE ® for those who feel that their eyelash growth is not sufficient. A simple consultation with a family doctor at their group or individual office may result in a prescription for LATISSE ® treatment.


Ophthalmologists or eye doctors are? able to prescribe LATISSE ® . Patients may get a prescription from these medical professionals in a consultation that includes cosmetic requests.

Cosmetic Surgeons

Cosmetic or plastic surgery professionals can prescribe LATISSE ® for patients. Consumers who want to get LATISSE ® for growing lashes may visit these group or individual offices and ask for this treatment as part of a greater care package, or as a specific treatment.

Other Medical Professionals

Some medical professionals such as nurse practitioners who work in licensed medical spas or medical health clubs may be able to prescribe LATISSE ® . Some patients prefer getting a range of treatments in these informal venues.

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