How to Choose a Vitalize Peel Specialist

Vitalize Peel is a powerful chemical peel used to help fight the effects of aging and reduce pimples. It works by using a safe blend of chemical acids to remove and then rejuvenate the outer layer of the epidermis (skin). One of the most important aspects when considering a Vitalize Peel procedure is choosing the doctor.

Specialists Certified to Perform Vitalize Peel

In order for this procedure to be performed, it is necessary to have a specific certification. Certified specialists in this area are usually limited to dermatologists, general medical doctors and sometimes plastic surgeons. On occasion, you may find an esthetician that has been board certified as well.

How to Choose the Right Doctor for You

Talk to your current doctors about board certified specialists, to see if any of them can perform this procedure or if there is another doctor highly recommended. If not, consult with a dermatologist; a large percentage of dermatologists have been board certified for this procedure and specialize in skincare.

You'll want to talk to the doctor you choose before you go in for the procedure so that you can know exactly what to do. This is why a doctor you know and trust is suggested. You may also want to talk to others who have had this procedure performed; if you don't know of anyone, talk to the dermatologist or doctor you choose and ask if you can see before and after pictures.

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