How to Prepare for a Vi Peel

VI Peel offers the results of a chemical peel to patients without out all of the pain and recovery time. The Vi Peel will improve the patient's skin tone, clarity and texture. This peel can also soften the appearance of lines, wrinkles, age spots and freckles. Vi Peel can also result in the appearance of a youthful, firmer skin tone. One of the most attractive benefits of the Vi Peel is that there is almost no required preparation time.

Prior to Vi Peel

The most important thing that at patient can do before their Vi Peel is to make sure that they are a fully informed patient. Making a consultation appointment with a skin care professional will ensure that the patient will achieve the best results from their Vi Peel.

Know the Contraindications

There are very few contraindications associated with the Vi Peel. A patient who has experienced any allergies to a chemical peel in the past needs to discuss this with their doctor prior to the peel. Women who are pregnant or nursing should not receive a Vi Peel.

Preconditioning of the Skin

Older chemical peels may require the patient to precondition the skin for three to five months. One of the benefits of the Vi Peel is that preconditioning of the skin is not necessary.

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