What is Isolaz?
Isolaz is a painless laser treatment which addresses a variety of undesirable skin issues using a proprietary system. Isolaz addresses all types of acne and blemishes on the skin. Isolaz also provides permanent hair removal in targeted areas, as well as age-defying skin rejuvenation.

How does Isolaz work?
Isolaz eliminates impurities in pores through a patented photopneumatic process, in which the medical laser is combined with a vacuum to increase effectiveness. The vacuum extracts bacteria, oils and other impurities from the deeper levels of skin tissue through the pores, bringing them to a level at which the laser can effectively destroy them. In addition, the laser can be targeted to remove hair or smooth out skin. The doctor performing the procedure will place the handheld Isolaz device over the skin that needs to be addressed.

What areas of the body does Isolaz treat?
Isolaz can be used effectively on skin all over the body. The patient will determine in consultation with the doctor which areas can be addressed most effectively by the Isolaz treatment and will focus on those areas. Most patients will choose Isolaz for areas of the face which are sun-damaged, undesirably hairy or plagued with acne and blackheads.

What are the advantages of Isolaz over other similar treatments?

Although a range of treatments exist that rely upon laser light devices, only Isolaz pairs this laser light with a gentle vacuum. The vacuum draws the impurities out of the skin, placing them in reach of the laser. Additionally, the vacuum brings the skin itself closer to the laser light, ensuring a higher rate of success for procedures to rejuvenate skin and remove unwanted hair.

Who is a candidate for Isolaz?

Anyone with unwanted hair, periodic to frequent breakouts or any other skin condition, including dry or oily skin, is a candidate for Isolaz. Isolaz can be used in people of all skin types and pigmentations for nearly any skin issue. Individuals with severe lesions, both cystic and nodular, are the sole exception, as a dermatologist may determine that the procedure will not serve their needs.

How is Isolaz performed?

Before the doctor begins the treatment, steam is applied to the face to open the patient's pores and make lesions and blemishes more receptive to the treatment. Once steaming is complete, the medical professional conducting the procedure will choose the settings matching the patient's skin type in the Isolaz device and place the tip on the treatment area. Once the laser is applied to this area, the device will be moved to the next area and the procedure will be continued.

What is the recovery like?

Because this is a non-invasive procedure, recovery is nearly instantaneous. Once the twenty minute procedure has been concluded, patients are able to return immediately to their ordinary tasks, including grooming routines or returning to work. A small percentage of patients may feel some slight discomfort at the treatment site, but this will resolve itself.

What will the results be like?

Many Isolaz patients report feeling that their skin is cleaner, softer and instantly rejuvenated. Improvement continues over the next 1-2 days, including a reduction in redness, evening of skin tone and disappearance of many blemishes.

What are the risks?
Aside from a risk of slight discomfort after the procedure, there are no known risks of Isolaz treatment.

Is Isolaz approved for use in the U.S.?

Isolaz has been approved by the FDA as a cosmetic treatment.

Is Isolaz covered by insurance companies?

Because Isolaz is an aesthetic procedure, most insurance companies will not cover the costs.

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Updated: November 19, 2009

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