Treatments that Can Be Combined with Blue Peel

Blue Peel is used to improve the health of your skin and can be combined with other treatments. It allows the specialist to control the number of coats applied and is tailored to your skin's specific needs.

The Blue Peel removes very thin layers of damaged or aged skin, which allows the tightness and clarity to now be seen at the surface. The procedure, which is done in office, lasts approximately 20 minutes and leaves patients with smoother and healthier looking skin. A bluish tint is left on the skin and can take up to 24 hours to wash away. After 2 to 3 days, the skin will begin to peel and will continue to do so for 3 to 10 days. The time frame of peeling is based on the depth of the applied product and length of the procedure. There are treatments that can be combined with Blue Peel for additional results.

Blue Peel and BOTOX ®

A combination of Blue Peel and BOTOX ® helps to achieve results of younger skin showing a youthful glow. The Blue Peel tightens the skin's natural texture and the BOTOX ® , being a collagen booster, will work to correct deep lines like the ones that are common between the eyebrows. An essential element of healthy skin is strength, and BOTOX ® delivers this, allowing the skin to even out fine lines and wrinkles over time. BOTOX ® alone reduces wrinkles, but paired up with the Blue Peel leaves skin even more resilient and smooth. Since collagen is an element that deteriorates with age, it's useful to use a product that assists to plump up the skin. Blue Peel and BOTOX ® working as a team produce results.

Blue Peel and Nu-Derm

The Nu-Derm system to correct damage such as uneven skin tone and hyper pigmentation. This happens with age and as a result of environmental elements. It works below the surface to improve the circulation in the skin, and works to stimulate cell renewal. There are several products in the Nu-Derm system. The Obagi Gentle or Foaming gel cleanser is used first. The toner is next, which aids in restoring the pH level to the skin. Obagi Clear is a product that blocks the over production of melanin, but it's not a bleaching agent. The Exfoderm can be used, but may produce more peeling in some skin. If a patient has thick or oily skin it may be recommended to use the Obagi Exfoderm Forte. Additional Nu-Derm products include the Obagi Blender, Sunfader, Action, Eye-cream and Sunblock 24. This system used for weeks prior to the Blue Peel aids in prepping the skin, and used after provides youthful results.

The appearance of aging in the skin is something that can't be controlled, but the health and appearance of it are items that can be adjusted. In order to ensure a healthy skin future, current skin cells need to be taken care of now. A specialist will be able to guide you through choosing what treatments you may want to combine with your Blue Peel.

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