Vitalize Peel for Men

Just like women, men can develop wrinkles due to sun, aging or by excessively using facial muscles to express feelings. Men can also have acne or age spots, and Vitalize Peel is a cosmetic procedure that can be applied in men, ironing out wrinkles and improving skin texture.

The Vitalize Peel Procedure for Men

The Vitalize Peel procedure performed for men is the same as the procedure performed for women. A peeling cream will be applied on the face, neck or other areas that require treatment.

The skin will be gently exfoliated and the dead skin cells will be removed. When preparing for a Vitalize Peel treatment, men should avoid using any exfoliating products 3 to 5 days before the treatment, as these products may interact with the ingredients in the Vitalize Peel cream. They should avoid shaving on the day of the treatment.

The Effects of Vitalize Peel in Men

The effects of Vitalize Peel in men include:

  • Reduced wrinkles and fine lines
  • Erased age spots
  • Reduced appearance of acne
  • Finer texture
  • Softer and younger looking skin

After the procedure, men should avoid scrubbing their face and use sunblock or avoid the sun, as the Vitalize Peel treatment can cause the skin to be sensitive.

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