What to Expect During a Chemical Peel

Chemical peel treatments can last different lengths and cause different sensations. Some peel procedures require patients to remain in the treatment center after the procedure concludes, while others allow patients to immediately continue with their daily routine.

Chemical Peel Timeline

During the chemical peel, a doctor will usually ask the patient to lie face up in order to provide an even and level application surface. Many chemical peel solutions have a liquid attribute rather than a solid or vapor composition. In many cases, doctors and medical professionals who apply chemical peels keep storages of the facial treatment products for fast access and patient service.

Depending on the temperature of the chemical peel solution, a warm or cold sensation will occur initially. After the peel has completely covered the treatment region, a small amount of tingling and burning usually sets in due to the high levels of acidic content within the chemical based products.

Most chemical peel procedures last less than one hour. Depending on the potency of the peel, the time limit will change and the amount of burning or stinging will change as well. In several cases involving the peel procedure, patients must receive more than one application to completely treat the specific facial issue.

While the chemical peel is drying, doctors often stay in the room to make sure no excess pain or irritation occurs. Prior to the procedure, doctors and other medical professionals will determine skin allergens in the patients who seek chemical peel treatment.

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