3 Reasons to Choose Dysport

Dysport is the newest treatment option for treating wrinkles on your forehead and your laugh lines. Dysport has recently been approved by the DFA as a first alternative product to Botox, made by Medicis. Another kind of botulinum neurotoxin type A product (which is similar to the components of Botox), Dysport works the same way by paralyzing key muscles in the face. The nerve impulses are blocked, causing the muscles to immobilize so they are unable to form wrinkles and frown lines or laugh lines, giving the patient a younger looking appearance.

Like Botox, Dysport is also proven effective in treating facial dynamic lines and wrinkles, but there are 3 main reasons why Dysport is becoming more popular in treating former Botox patients:

1. Faster Results

Dysport works a little faster than Botox. Most people treated with Botox see the results in 5 to 7 days. Dysport patients have consistently reported a visible positive outcome in 24 hours to 2 days. Dysport contains less protein than Botox; the body tends to break the components down a little faster, for a more rapid onset of the drug to the muscles.

2. Longer Lasting Effects

While there are mixed reports on the studies as to whether Dysport lasts longer than Botox injections, this new product had been in clinical trials for five years before it came out in the market. Patients claim that the results last significantly longer than the regular 4 months of Botox treatment. One clinical trial published by Dyscort Manufacturer claimed that the effects of Dyscort can last up to 13 months in some patients.

3. Cost Effective

Because of the introduction of Dyscort is as a new product to compete with Botox, Medicis has priced this product lower than Botox. It is also more economical in most practices because of the difference in the dosage and number of units needed in one treatment.

These are just the main reasons why Dysport is competing to reign the “Wrinkle Kingdom” right alongside Botox. Dysport is made of smaller molecules so it diffuses farther from the point of injection, at least 1 to 3 centimeters of diffusion compared to Botox’s limiting 1 centimeter. With Dysport, patients can have fewer injections because it spreads faster than Botox , but they have to make sure that the procedure is done by a very skilled professional so the drug doesn’t spread out to areas where it is not needed. Improper application of the drug can cause eyelids or eyebrows to droop unnecessarily so careful application should be practiced.

Despite the fact that Dysport is relatively new to the cosmetological industry, there are a lot of dermatologists and plastic surgeons who participated in the clinical trials that were made for more than five years. Their experiences with Dyscort are enough to merit them experts in application of the new drug.

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